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Our Mission to you is to provide quality first aid programs in a light hearted fashion. It is no secret that participants are much more willing to join in and learn if the program content is delivered in such a way that it keeps everyone interested and at ease. This is accomplished partly by the use of top quality equipment such as mannequins that produce a carotid pulse and theatrical make-up to create lifelike injuries.

There is nothing wrong with having a few laughs while attending a first aid course and at the same time receiving the material mandated by the Canadian Red Cross. Diamond Medical Services are pleased to provide a wide variety of Red Cross programs to enhance your personal or professional portfolio and resume. All courses are instructed by individuals with a variety of backgrounds including emergency services. For the past 12 years, we have been able to uncover a format of teaching style that not only appeals to most everyone but has been very often commented on by class participants. Our courses utilize various multimedia instructional techniques and concentrate on creating a high energy and low stress atmosphere.

And Hey, there are no tests in our courses!!

Diamond Medical offers hands on First Aid training

Remembering the ABC's

With CPR representing the baseline for any medical program, we, like many others use the slogan – "Just remember you're ABC's"
(airway, breathing and circulation or pulse).
Our addition to that is:
"When providing care to a patient, give good care. Just give them what they need OR what they do not have!"

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